The Comborn castle

The Comborn castle is located on a rock dominating the Vézère Valley.

Built on the site of a former Gaul oppidum, this site was the residence of one of the most powerful seigniorial dynasties in Limousin: the Comborn viscounts.

Its location enabled the surveillance of the Vézère traffic and on the former roman way of Limoges-Brive.

From the 11th and 14th were built on heavy stone defence structures with three outer walls. The castle was built during the Hundred Years War, then rebuilt from the 15th century by the Comborn Viscount. Near the dwellings built in 1753, fortifications subsist: the 11th century master tower, 3 underground rooms, the 15th century castle remains and a chapel.


Guided tour


By appointment from the 20th of June to the 20th of September.

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