The Bialet falls


5 km from the market town, go discover the Bialet falls, where nature is wild and peaceful…


At the Bialet falls, nature is wild, peaceful and refreshing.

Walking through fern and rocks, take the trail with small wooden bridges spanning the wild stream.


Picnic tables invite you to take a break.


Departure of the walk “From Bialet to the two viaducts”, where you will discover falls, former forge remains, the railway viaduct of Gour-Noir and the A20 motorway viaduct.


This remarkable natural site is located at 5km from the Saint-Ybard market town.


Free parking and access. 

The Garaboeuf Park



The new Garaboeuf Park is a cultural and historical space where you can find the Garaboeuf Castle, the Saint-Eparche fountain and different sculptures.


Tourist and landscape site, this place is also dedicated to relaxation and leisure: walking path, fishing pond, picnic area, boule pitch and children playground.



Download the information document of the Garaboeuf Park.

The Bécharie Garden


Downwards the Bécharie door, discover its garden…


Located downwards the emblematic Porte Bécharie, the garden is now accessible to everyone.


Several renovation months were necessary to give the garden its historical dimension back.



Complete renovation of the guard tower, the retaining walls, stone stairs and revegetation. 

One-thousand-years yew tree


In the school playground, discover this remarkable tree


The yew tree of Vigeois is a monumental 1400-years-old tree! It is 16 metres high and 9,95m in circumference. Numerous branches have grown from the solid base of the tree, creating a space under the tree, very enjoyed by children.

The yew is today located in the school playground, but at the moment of its planting, in 572 by Saint Yrieix, this place was the abbey cemetery, symbolising afterlife and soul immortality.



The yew receive the label “Remarkable Tree of France” in May 2000.

Arboretum Al Gaulhia



The landscape park covers an area of 10 hectares and is in the service of biodiversity. A mosaic of environments: peatland, ponds, wet and dry areas… that creates a floristic and faunistic diversity.

Along the way, discover the old sweet chestnuts labelled “Remarkable Trees of France”, more than 50 species of bamboos, about 400 different trees and shrubs, grass, waterlily, lotus and other aquatic curiosities.


Arboretum Al Gaulhia

Place-called Ceyrat

19410 Espartignac

Tel: 05 55 73 21 53 or 06 82 23 53 94



From the 15th of June to the 30th of August between 2:30pm and 5pm.

The Tuesdays, Thursdays, on holidays.

By reservation.


Free visits.


Guided tours on request, average duration: 2h,

Explanations about history and life of plants.



Adults: 4€

From 12 to 16 years-old: 1€

Free for accompanied children before 12 years-old.

Groups prices.


Permanent presence in the park allows you to take a reservation easily and quickly.