Masseret heritage route

The heritage route and its explanatory panels will make you discover the Old Masseret

8,7km long path

Departure at the multipurpose room, behind the Tower.

Take the path of the mound, the multipurpose room on your right. Go down the street to the Grand’Rue (1) with the former post office quarter, turn left to the Place de L’Eglise and its old wooden bell tower.

Treasure in the church: 12th century shrine of Ste Valérie.

Cross the place and go past the town hall (sign) until the Champ de foire and the library (sign). Backtrack and go down the street to the presbytery (behind the war memorial), then to the left Rue de la Fontaine (sign). At the roundabout, turn left « La Grande Vias ». At the next crossroads, turn right in the direction of « Petite Vias », then to the left at the fork « Le Champ Lagarde Haute ». Follow the path until the next intersection D20 South.

Go straight « Champ Lagarde Bas », beautiful viewing point on the Grènerie property (municipalities of Salon-la-Tour). Walk for about 1km until you reach the crossroad of La Grènerie, then turn left, go past the railway station. Then take the first road on your left “Le Puy Audru” to the next crossroad. You can see a sculpture on your right. Turn right until you reach the crossroad to Meilhards.

Turn left, then immediately right “Les Graules”. Go past the abandoned farm until the next crossroad “Route de Bobis”. Turn left. At the level crossing on your right, turn left “Vieux Chatenet”.

Go past the crossroad Bobis/Le Vieux Chatenet, at the second pond on your right, follow this road until you reach the former national route 20 (D920). Turn left until the crossroad to Meilhards. Take the first on your right « Le Point du Jour ». At the next crossroad, turn right « Montée de la Tour » until the multipurpose room.

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