The miraculous fountains

Along a walk, pray Saint Roch, Saint Martial or Sainte Radegonde

The Saint-Martial fountain of Espartignac

The fountain is located in a granite basin, in the Espartignac, in the direction of Ceyrat.

This fountain is known to heal the scabies and skin diseases.

The Saint Martial fountain is quoted in very old texts telling the way of Saint-Martial during the 3rd century, who was the evangelist of Limousin.


Today, the sculpture “Nymph about to swim” by Skyba sits on top of the Saint-Martial fountain. This sculpture is part of our Art route.


A legend is linked to the arrival of Saint-Martial in Espartignac.


A summer day; on his way, Saint-Martial meet a woman carrying water she had just drawn. He asked her some water to drink but the woman ignore him and keep walking. Disgruntled, he told her: “You could have some regret because I am here to bring you good news and I am a friend of God. Look and see how I take revenge of on your refusal.” And, hitting the ground with his stick, Saint-Martial created a limpid spring still flowing today. 

The Sainte-Radegonde fountain of Meilhards


The fountain is located at the place-called Sainte-Radegonde, behind the eponymous chapel.


This fountain is known to heal rheumatism, kidney aches and rickets. 

The Saint-Roch fountain of Saint-Ybard

The fountain is located in a wood, below the Saint-Roch chapel.

A celebration dedicated to the Saint occurs every year in the chapel on the 16th of August. The pilgrims come with the Saint-Roch grass in order to receiving the blessings, and go to the fountain to spray themselves.


Even though Saint-Roch was renowned to heal plague, this fountain is told to heal rheumatism and to take care of pets. 

The Saint-Eparche fountain of Saint-Ybard

Historically, Saint-Eparche was the town patron saint before the inhabitants chose to be under the Saint-Roch protection in the 19th century.

Forgotten for a long time, the Saint-Eparche fountain is now highlighted in the park of Garaboeuf, lately rearranged.