Legends & traditions

Tales, legends and traditions made the history

Uzerche weapons

In the 8th century, Saracens besieged the town. After seven years, Uzerche people is starving. Hidden away into their fortifications, they had the idea of dealing their final hand. They fed their last bull with their last resources. Then, they send the bull to the enemy camp. When they saw the well-fed beast, Saracens thought Uzerche people had inexhaustible resources.

Discouraged, they lifted the siege and Uzerche was released.



In the 14th century, Uzerche loyalty to the King is rewarded. Charles V grants 3 lily flowers and the crown. It is in this period that Uzerche was nicknamed “La Pucelle” “non polluta”

Walnut branches

An Uzerche tradition…


In the old town, you can notice dried walnut branches hanged on the house doors. This traditions refers to a remedy made from walnut branches, which was used by the Uzerche inhabitants to fight against plague epidemics occurred in the Middle Ages and that  killed the most part of the population.

Today, to carry on the tradition, Uzerche inhabitants hang walnut branched on the 24th of June, the Saint-Jean day, and let them dry until the next Saint-Jean!


You can also find on some houses, in addition to walnut branches, 7 ears of wheat and a rose, to bring money and love.