Orgnac sur Vézère

The municipality of Orgnac sur Vézère is located between two watercourses: the Loyre valley on the West and the Vézère gorges on the East.

In the 18th century, before the Revolution, the fathers Chartreux du Glandier were the owners of the place, and the municipality was called “Ornhac-lès-Glandier”. Only in 1919, the name of the town changed to Orgnac-sur-Vézère.

In a meander of the Vezere River, during the Middle Ages, the siege of one of the most influent viscountcies of the Limousin was dominating: the Comborn.

Le Château de Comborn is today an evidence of the town architectural sumptuousness.

After the discovery of wall paintings in the choir of the Saint Martial church, the main stained glass reopened in 2008. The association “Amis de l’église” asked Father Kim En Joong, stained glass creator, to realised 11 new stained glasses, symbol of the church  rebirth.

The book “Orgnac sur Vézère and its church Saint-Martial” recounts the story of the village from Middle Ages to the Kim En Joong lights.


 Orgnac sur Vézère is part of the Land of Art and History Vézère Ardoise.

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